Kicking off with two music videos

Hello internets,

We are thrilled to launch with a launch of our two music videos:

Bleeding Redwood is a 11+ minute modern prog rock opus, something of a statement piece for us.

The Must-Save List is a track featured on Ari’s solo album that Bob re-recorded the vocals on.  Be sure to check out the climactic ending.

Both songs are available for download/sale at Bandcamp.

Bob and Ari have been collaborating on and off since 2011, but with these songs are are launching the official moniker for our unit, Minnasia.

In addition to these, we are 2-3 months away from releasing a Hmong/English one-man mini musical “Promised Land” written by Bob.  We will post previews of these songs when they are ready.  These are perfect stylistic contrast from the above two tracks, as they are all-acoustic recordings with cello and flute, very stark and classically influenced.

We have more things cooking in our kitchen — we’ll be excited to share them with you as they become ready.  So be sure to follow us on Twitter, YouTube, et al (Facebook is forthcoming)

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