Promised Land Is Here!

We started working on this project back in February 2013.  It’s finally out at the end of December.  We are proud of the music we put together.

First and foremost, we must thank the State of Minnesota for giving us funds to put together this recording.  Bob is the recipient of 2012 Artist Initiative grant and the funds allowed us to work with a fabulous team, a luxury we don’t have yet have on our other projects.

And speaking of the team, here’s the credit listing:

Produced, arranged & mixed by Ari Koinuma
Mastered by Greg Reierson @ Rare Form Mastering

Band recording engineered by Eric Blomquist @ Waterbury Studios, Minneapolis, MN
Vocal & guitar engineered by Ari Koinuma

Bob Yang: vocal
Tetsuya Takeno: drums & percussion
Aaron Fabrini: bass
Daniel Zamzow: cello
Melissa Stoudt: flute
Ari Koinuma: acoustic guitar

Cover photo by Judd Sather @ Studio J Photo, Stillwater, MN

Now, we realize this collection is night-and-day different from the first two singles we released.  But while this wasn’t entirely planned, it is worth noting that Bleeding Redwood and the songs in Promised Land serve as the two extremes of our range, former being the heaviest and darkest and the latter being most serene and classical.  So, the good news is that if you happen to like both material, everything else will fall within these two extremes.  It is our vision that we’ll pursue further fusion of classical and ambitious rock/folk music, and hopefully in the near future we can put together recordings that have those elements all incorporated, instead of leaning one way or another.

We hope you enjoy these songs.


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