Enjoy Our New 5-song EP FREE! + Our Next Steps

It’s definitely an 80/20 kind of release, where we just scraped together enough time & effort to get these songs to the 80% point for the sake of quick turn-around.  But the flip side is, we managed to record & release 5 previously unrecorded songs in 3 months.  That’s not bad.

And this release is FREE!  We will not begrudge you a single bit if you don’t even tip us.  Why?

  • At this point in the game, we’re more concerned with having as many people enjoying our music as possible than making money off of our work.  Don’t get us wrong, we do value our work and we intend to make this financially sustainable — but we have our priorities set for now.
  • This is a warts-and-all recording, done quickly by ourselves.  (It didn’t cost us money to produce this)
  • It is perhaps the gentlest and most accessible batch of songs in our catalog.  It should appeal to a broader range of tastes than our more challenging stuff.

So, having released World of No Errors, here are the next steps on our plate:

  • Lyric videos: we will make a lyric video similar to what we did with Bleeding Redwood and The Must-Save List, to at least some of the songs from World of No Errors. August Moon and Ice Burns are likely candidates.
  • Coffeehouse gigs: we will use this EP as an example of our sound and look to book small, casual coffeehouse gigs in the summer.  We’re not quite at a point where we’re ready to put a band together and start playing rock gigs, plus playing acoustic gigs will be great chop-builders for us.  Our priority right now is on building our recording catalog so it’s not like we’ll go on tour or anything, but we hope to line up a gig or two in Mineapolis/St. Paul area simply to get back into gig-ready shape.
  • Next release: Having stuck to acoustic guitars for the last two releases, we’re going to bring back electric and rock harder next time.  It’ll still be an EP but we’ll include darker & more twisty stuff next time.  We’re hoping to release in June-July time frame.  The work is already under way.

We promise to post more updates here on Minnasia.com between releases moving forward!  Thanks for your support, and enjoy World of No Errors 🙂

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