Cello Back in Mix for the Fall EP

We just reconnected with Daniel Zamzow, who played the cello for us on Promised Land.  He’ll be playing for us again for the upcoming rock EP.  In addition to our work, please check out his solo work and his main band, Cloud Cult’s last studio album.  He’s a man in demand, for sure.

The project is coming along well, with the cello parts almost ready for score preps (meaning, the parts is more or less mapped out and now it just needs to turn into scores) and bass and drums mostly tracked.  At the current rate we’re hoping to release it some time in September.  The experiment this time is to explore the sound of a band made up of electric guitar, cello, bass and drums.  Having string instruments in a rock band isn’t exactly rare but we think how these four pieces fit together will create a fresh sound.

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