Hello, thanks for visiting Minnasia’s home on internet!

It’s 2018, Bob’s son just turned two years old and we’re able to start doing some stuff.  Earlier this year we released one cover song (music video forthcoming soon) and we may do some low-key acoustic gigs.

Other than that, Ari is busy blogging and recording solo tunes as Aristotle’s Hope.  Bob is preparing to launch a singing lesson program, centered around how he developed his mixed voice.

In the meantime, we’d love for you to check out our catalog.  To date, we have four collections, each with a distinct flavor:

Everthing to Your Cause integrates a cello (played by Cloud Cult‘s Daniel Zamzow) into our modern progressive rock sound.

World of No Errors is a gentle folk rock EP that was done very quickly.  We were trying to see if the strength of these songs would still come through without much studio production embellishments.

Promised Land is a mini-musical that features all acoustic/classical sound, telling the story of a Hmong journey out of Vietnam war.  Bob sang each song twice, in English and Hmong.

Bleeding Redwood and The Must-Save List were the first two songs we collaborated on.  They are longer progressive rock pieces that go into dark places.


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