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My original lyrics file say this song was written on Oct 5, 2002, with some edits on May 20, 2003.  I know there have been more edits since.

Music & Production

This is among the simplest songs in our catalog.  The verse and chorus have very similar chords.  It’s meant to be an uptempo rock number but it was during this EP’s production that I came up with the idea to change up the drum groove in the chorus to half-time, meaning, make the snare drum hit half as often.  That was a big decision that really gave the song much-needed contrasts.

The choir part was arranged and scored as if writing for a 4-part male choir.  Bob sang each part four times and I sang twice.  We hope to publish the score some time, so the audience can pick a part that suits your range and sing along.


Another song dominated with war imageries, this one however oscillates between medieval/mystical (chariots, Iscariots) to modern (airplanes, concrete) references, which make the subject matter rather vague.  The melody is fairly steady and understated, but there are allusions to some grave violence.

When the new order came with chariots
And fire planes of gold

With faith in the sun of Iscariots
I burned the scars untold

Through the veins of concrete
I have lost my life
Throw away this comfort
Cut me up with a knife

She made the move, I justified
As other souls have done

A chain of command, so dignified
I gave my code, begone

Through the veins of concrete
I have lost my life
Throw away this comfort
Free me up with a knife

When I’m on the other side
When I’m through this strife
I will right our raid
I will sing for your life

Written by Ari Koinuma

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