The Must-Save List

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This is a remix of the song that used to be called “Lucy Struck Out” which was on Ari’s solo album from 2007, Aries9: Darkness Reveals the Beauty of Truth.  Bob was quite taken by this song and they decided to replace the vocal and remix it in 2011.  In fact, this is the very first recording that they collaborated together on.

It is rather ironic that the lyrics deal with the sentiment of giving up and losing hope.  It was Bob who suggested to change the song’s name to the current version, as he felt that there were pieces of Hmong history that could be read into the lyrics.


I’ve come this far
While crying for mercy
My tears all spent
I cannot run straight
I can’t reset my past

I held on my fear
While fighting for the many,
Many trapped hearts
On the cold, dark street
Names not on the must-save list

See me fly
For the last time, for the last time
To your side

I hid your scars
I covered my fake holiness
But they never were healed or made complete
Never were saved from this mess

See me fly
For the last time
For the last time to your side

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