Would You Like to Be on Our EP?

We’re busy mixing our next EP right now, but we have an urgent need for some audience participation.

First, listen to this rough mix of the middle instrumental section of the song “PK.”

If you thought that this section was missing something — you are right, it is.  And you could be that missing ingredient.

Our idea originally was to find some clips of movies or other audio snippets to mix in the background starting about 7-8 seconds into this clip, all the way to the pounding section kicks in around 1:22.  But then, we realized that a better idea may be to collect a few monologues and mix them in.

So, here’s what we’re looking for: a monologue in any language (non-English is actually preferred) that’s at least 1 minute 20 seconds in length.  We want it recorded on your mobile phone or computer, with plenty of background noise — we definitely don’t want nor need a pristine, good-sounding recording.  Noisier and grungier, the better.

Now, what the monologue is about is up to you, but we want it to give the listener a sense that something is not quite right with this person (whether the listener understands the language or not).  Ideally it’ll start innocuously but then it gets creepier or darker as it goes, and by about 1-minute mark you’re certain that something is definitely wrong with this person… think, it’s like a scene from some psycho thriller movie.  (It shouldn’t be comical/funny in any way)

But we don’t really need you to plan that out.  Just make up something quick, on the fly.  It could be a fast, manic talking on slow, breathy whisper.  It could be screaming, weeping, or manic.  Oh, but please keep the content to be PG-13 at most — no swear words or graphic violence/adult matters.

We’re hoping to have a few monologues and mix them all in, so the chances are, your voices/words may be unintelligible.  We’re just wanting to create a somewhat cinematic atmosphere, perhaps a montage of scenes where you’re starting to see the true, dark nature of the character is revealed.

Once you record your monologue, please get in touch by tweeting to @arikoinuma, befriending and messaging Ari on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ari.koinuma) (or posting on the Minnasia page), or leaving a comment here.  We’ll figure out a way to get the recording sent to us.

Fine prints:

  • We reserve the right not to use your recording.  We can’t know whether what you contribute will fit in the context or not, until we get it.  We appreciate your effort, though.
  • Your name will appear everywhere we can list credits for the song (unless you want to be anonymous)
  • You’ll receive the free mp3 of the song (just by submitting a clip, even if it doesn’t end up in the song)
  • You will receive no other financial compensation for your contribution.
  • By sending us your recording, you’ll grant us license to use it in any imaginable manner.

Thanks, we look forward to receiving your contributions!

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